Types Of Care

Companion Care

Companion care is having someone there not only for your active daily needs, but as a friend. If you or your loved one is independent, but is struggling with everyday activities, then we can help. We will make sure to match you with a home care aide that can help accomplish your needs and make you feel comfortable.

Art Therapy

Therapy can be a useful and fulfilling activity to help those who suffer from Alzheimer disease. We equip our aides with art supplies to take to the client’s home and engage in art activities. Whether its drawing a portrait or learning how to crochet, we can provide someone who can be there for you or your loved one to either teach or simply help.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is a person-centered care that looks to help a patient achieve physical, emotional, social and spiritual quality of life.

Dementia / Alzheimer Care

As part of our caregiver’s basic training, we provide extensive education on Dementia and Alzheimer’s. We also encourage our caregivers to participate in cognitive stimulation with their patients in order to provide a positive experience with patients who are suffering from these diseases. We will make sure to match you or your loved one with someone who can best fit this customized care plan.

After Surgery Care

There are many health gaps between leaving the hospital and coming home after surgery. You or your loved one may not need the special care of the hospital, but you may not be well enough to be home alone. That’s where Full Life can come in to assist and provide a customized care plan. We can review your discharge summary and make sure you follow the doctor’s orders appropriately.

“Keep Up with the Times” Care

Our home care aides can provide extensive help with not only your daily needs, but also assistance with technology. All our aides have a full understanding of social media and can help you create and navigate your own social media account. Stay informed and in touch with the world and let us help you or your loved one accomplish this mission.

Full Life Hour Care

There may be times when you or your loved one may just need help with showering or a quick trip to the grocery store. Most home health agencies require at least 4 hours minimum in order to provide a caregiver.

Here at Full Life, we offer a specific care called Full Life Hour which provides assistance for you or your loved one for an hour. Whatever the assistance may be, we will send someone to you that can help you for that one hour of care